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Sorority Clothing and Apparel

Group Order Discounts on All Sorority Clothing

Sorority Clothing and Apparel

Custom Sorority clothing, merchandise, and gifts at the Lowest Prices anywhere. Group order Discounts and Rush Service available.

Sorority Clothing w/ Sewn on & Printed Letters

Get twill and printed Greek letters for your Shirts, Long-sleeves, Burnout-Ts and Tank Tops.
Check our latest sorority clothing and merchandise.
Shop by your sorority organization.

Sorority Packages & American Apparel Tees

Order American Apparel garments for your letters.
Get Burnout Tees with your Greek organization symbols.
Check our sorority clothing packages and paddles specials.

Sorority Sweatshirts, Sweatpants and Bags

Get your sorority Hooded, Crewneck and Full-Zip sweatshirts.
Check our sorority Sweatpants and Shorts section.
Customize your shoulder bags, tote bags, sling bags and more.

Greek Sorority Jackets, Jerseys and Hats

Personalize your Sorority Jackets with embroidery or twill.
Customize Soccer, Hockey, Baseball and Softball jerseys.
Get Hats, Beanies and more with your Greek letters.

Screenprinted Clothing, Bed and Spa Apparel

Screenprinted shirts with your sorority letters or your own design.
Check our sorority Bed, Bath and Spa apparel section.
Customize Sorority Flip Flops with your Greek letters and many patterns to choose from. 

Cardigans, Organic Clothing and Sale Items

Personalize Sorority Organic Clothing with your Greek letters.
Order sorority cardigans, stoles and more sophisticated apparel.
Shop Sorority Sale Items organized by Greek group.

Sorority Jewelry, Wood and Accessories

Get sorority cups, photo frames, keychains, stickers, flip-flops, notepads and much more.
Check our varied Sorority Jewelry section and find bracelets, rings, lavaliers and more.
Purchase sorority paddles, wood letters, Greek symbols, keychains, frames and ornaments.

Exclusive & Free Ship Greek Items

Get Exclusive Sorority Clothing and Accessories for any Greek event.
Free Sorority Clothing Shipping will save you cash for your next purchase.
Local Sorority Clothing and Accessories fully customized with your Greek letters.

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